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About PopSlide

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PopSlide is an Android advertisement platform which rewards users with airtime for different kinds of activities; such as downloading and using apps, taking surveys, watching videos, signing up for a service, playing mini-games, completing daily challenges, and even just turning on their phone screen.

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Team 1
  • Boost app installs
  • More users reached
  • Increase new user activity
  • Budget-friendly
  • No development needed


Team 1
  • Higher retention rate
  • More usage over time
  • Increase in-app activity
  • Budget-friendly
  • No development needed

Other Campaign Options

Team 1


Compelling solution to boost click-throughs. Effective for promoting one-off events or hot deals etc.

Team 3


You only pay for every successful registration in your app. Best solution to attract membership register.

Team 2


Best for boosting exposure of your app to potential users. Your ads are front & center each time users turn on their phone screens.

Why Advertise With Us?

Quality Users
We developed a sophisticated fraud protection system so we can provide our clients and advertisers with reliable users.
Full Screen Ads
Rise above the noise on the most frequently accessed screen - the lockscreen.

Boyaa Interactive

Consistent, regular usage for its app

PopSlide Solution: Cost-Per-Keep. Provided users with daily challenges.

We deliver Boyaa Interactive high quality users, and even the result of two weeks retention is beyond their expectation, much better than other campaign method.

Advertise with us and get results for your app.

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