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We'll advertise your app on the Android Lock Screen

What better place to show your ad campaign than right smack at the lock screen of your target users? Popslide rewards users who view lock screen advertisements. We reward them with points and you get attention for your ads.

Users Earn Points as they Browse and Download Your App

Need to boost up those Daily App Users? No problem! Users who download and use our client's apps are awarded more points enticing them viewers to click and try out your app. Sit back as we get those app downloads for you.

Users Continue to Use Your App to Earn More Points

Do you want regular app users? PopSlide continues to reward users who use your Apps daily and weekly. Users get more points as they continue to use the app. Your campaign is secure as we ensure regular usage.

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Try our revolutionary way to engage a massive audience. Many well-established companies have already utilized the power of PopSlide's Lock Screen Advertising.

What they are saying

PopSlide helped us a lot in spreading word about our in-store promos. Innovative and eye-opening! A marriage of Traditional and Digital Marketing in the best way possible!
Jonathan Cuyegkeng, Marketing Head, RRJ
Amazing! PopSlide gave us a way to reach our customers literally everywhere they go and whenever they want. PopSlide really helped us boost our Facebook promos.
Jasmin Koh, Business Development Manager, Morellato
For a cutting-edge brand like Spyder, we wanted cutting-edge advertising as well. PopSlide is definitely in the forefront of lock screen advertising.
Marketing Head, Spyder


Still hassling consumers with ugly banner Ads? Try our revolutionary way to engage a massive audience.
Attention is the new currency of the Internet. PopSlide provides the prime space for your brand/product awareness.

Cost Per Mile

Make your product and brand more visible to consumer’s second screen

Cost Per Click

Improve and Get Higher CTR using our Points = Reward Platform

Cost Per Install

Reach your target downloads in a very cost effective way

Cost Per Action

Increase engagement and participation of your target audience

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